Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

Take your salty dog to one of  Coastal Living Magazine's best six dog-friendly beaches.
This salty dog is definitely a beach  bum. Love the shades pooch!
Kudos to Coastal Living Magazine  for publishing in the most recent issue their vote for six of the best dog-friendly beaches and what a fun way to exercise your dog (and yourself) than a pooch-friendly beach. So let your salty dog take a run along the wet sand, take a cool dip in the ocean and lap up the fun at one of these great dog friendly beach destinations.  Click here for the link to Coastal Living Magazines Best Dog Friendly Beaches article- 

Make sure that you observe all posted dog-friendly beach rules and regulations and of course always please clean up after your pet.
Please help keep these beaches dog friendly:
* Never leave your dog unattended.
* Always keep your dog on a leash or under voice control.
* Always clean up after your dog.

Here's a great listing of Dog Beaches & Dog Friendly Beaches in the U.S. created by Pet Friendly Travel

Have you visited one of these beach destinations with your nautical pet? Have another dog-friendly beach to recommend? Let's here about it! Send pics too.

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  1. I always have an amazing time whenever I bring my dog with me to the beach. My dog usually enjoys the place more than I do, and he is not afraid to show a trick or two while in the sand. I love these dog-friendly beaches.

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