Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bob Timberlake licenses premium dog food

Bob Timberlake holds a bag of his new Bob Timberlake Signature Series Super-Premium Dog Food

Article written by Vikki Broughton Hodges/ The Dispatch

Bob Timberlake Signature Series Super-Premium Dog Food, made by Plantation Dog Food in Boydton, Va., is now available to be distributed by Southern Foods at Home, which delivers all-natural, gourmet foods to homes in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and southern Virginia.
Lexington artist and designer Bob Timberlake, who's also an avid hunter and pet lover, said he got into branding dog food after his grandson's bird dog, Mike, short for Michael Jordan, unexpectedly died a few years ago.
"I've had bird dogs all my life, and he was the best I've ever hunted behind," Timberlake said. "He was a smart dog, a good dog. He really lived up to his name."
While no autopsy was performed it's suspected the dog died from liver disease caused by some imported filler in his food that was contaminated, Timberlake said.
"When he died from this, it made me mad," said Timberlake, who began researching what went into dog food.
Timberlake commissioned Plantation, which already makes its own line of premium pet foods, to make a branded product for dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds.
"I'm 74 and I've always had dogs, I'm not sure how many," he said. "I told (Plantation) if I'm going to do this I want it to be the best."
Timberlake said the all-natural dog food, primarily made from chicken, is good for all sizes and breeds of dogs, from little 3-pound lap dogs to 120-pound Labrador retrievers.

For more information, visit Bob Timberlake's website at  Timberlake signature series.