Sunday, August 8, 2010

For the Love of Labs Rescue: The $1.00 Fan Challenge

For the Love of Labs Rescue fan and foster mom Cindy has issued a challenge to all fans. Beginning August 8 and running until the end of August, she challenges each of you to donate just $1.00 to For the Love of Labs Rescue to save the lives of Labs and Lab mixes who find themselves facing death in a shelter through no fault of their own.

We know that economic times are tough. In fact, many of the dogs in shelters today are there because their owners could not afford to take care of them properly. But, that is why we hope that by asking you for only $1.00, you will able to contribute to the happy endings that we all love to experience here at For the Love of Labs Rescue.

And, please, feel free to challenge your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, school, church, anyone you can think of! Because the challenge runs until the end of the month, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask everyone.

We have set-up a chip-in link to track all donations contributed as part of the "$1.00 Fan Challenge." You can donate and follow the progress at

If you would rather send your donations, that's fine, too. Just drop them in the mail to us at:

For the Love of Labs Rescue
c/o Tracy OConnell
160 Frederick Street
Torrington, CT 06790

THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN ISSUED!!!! Let's see how much a community can do, $1.00 at a time!

And all....For the Love of Labs!

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